Punch & Judy Experience Education Session

A Punch and Judy Show is wonderful for an end of term treat or for unique entertainment for school fun days. However, since The Seaside has become a popular topic for Key Stage 1 and 2. The history of Punch is popular and a key part of the experience. Paul also explains how the inner workings of a Punch and Judy show, demonstrating the booth and the hand puppets.

If you would like to include a puppet show in your lessons or class projects then why not booked Paul with his traditional Punch and Judy Show to visit your school. Paul can talk to the children about the history of Punch and Judy followed by a twenty-five minute show. Afterwards, he will show the puppets to the class and supply a soft set of puppets which the children can handle and pass around. He also explains how the wooden puppets are carved and demonstrates with the use of blocks English Lime showing the various stages of carving. There is often time to round off the session with Questions and Answers.